Sunday, April 6, 2014

About Us

Chuck Forsyth & his son John have been serving up mouthwatering BBQ since 1989 in their aptly named downtown Seattle eatery, The Hole in the Wall BBQ. The comment often heard at the Hole is “this is the best barbecue this side of Kansas City”. They perfected their craft on the competition circuit winning the Washington State BBQ Championship at the Puyallup Fair (twice) and the Chili Championship at Folklife Festival.

The Hole in the Wall BBQ is so good because they’ve modified “traditional” barbecue to serve up a healthier product. All of the meats are hand processed to remove fat and they pour off all the fat from the ground beef for the award winning chili. The meats are smoked low and slow, for more than 16 hours with oak and fruit woods. The pork is hand pulled and the brisket hand sliced to order. Also on the menu is succulent and juicy smoked turkey, chicken and hot links. A must try is the delicious smoked meatloaf, get there early and it’s only on Mondays! Wednesdays through Fridays they serve up incredible, “to-die for” pork ribs – dry rubbed, smoked and served with sauce on the side – they sell very quickly.

The Hole in the Wall never uses liquid smoke, food coloring or preservatives. Their hours are short because they believe barbecue is best when fresh out of the smoker. They cook up only what they’ll need for lunch each day so as to never compromise quality.

The Bullwhacker BBQ sauce is Chuck’s homemade coffee-based concoction made from scratch every day. It’s on the mild side but when you order your sandwich tell the guys you like more heat…you want it Hot…extra Bullwhacker Sauce…you want it Wet. The Smoked Beans, Crisp Coleslaw and Cornbread and all the spice rubs are made fresh daily. The chili is a tamed-down version of the competition chili, not too spicy or rich, but just right so that you’ll be coming back for more.

Visit The Hole in the Wall for lunch only, Monday through Friday. The Hole is "conveniently located between the saloons of Pioneer Square and the King County Jail." Service is brisk and friendly.


All sandwiches come on a bun with our famous Bullwacker BBQ Sauce
Beef Texas Brisket, slow wood smoked                        $9.00
Pork Hand Pulled Pork shoulder                                    $8.00
Turkey Smoked and Seasoned Breast                            $8.00
Chicken Smoked and Seasoned Thigh                           $8.00  
Sausage Smoked Hot Links                                            $8.00

2 meat plate with side     $10.50        add $1.00 for Brisket
3 meat plate with side     $13.50        add $1.00 for Brisket

The Hole Pile 
Cornbread layered with beans and choice of meat                    $11.00  add $1.00 for Brisket

Salad Greens & Meat    $9.00   Add $1.00 for Brisket

St. Louis Style Pork Ribs (Thursday and Friday)   
1/3 rack $10.50    1/2 rack $13.50

By the Cup $4.75
By the Bowl $5.75

BBQ Baked Beans    $2.25
Fresh Cole Slaw        $2.25
Picnic Potato Salad   $2.25
Cornbread                 $2.00
Fudge walnut brownies $2.00
Chips $.1.00

Soft Drinks $1.25
Premium Drinks $2.40

Take out and delivery Buffet Menu

Let Hole in the Wall prepare lunch or dinner for your next meeting or event. The following buffet meals are priced per person.

15 person minimum
$25 delivery fee

The No Bones Buffet
$11.50 per person
$12.50 per person with beef brisket

Choose 2 meats from the following

BEEF Texas brisket, slow wood smoked  
PORK Hand pulled shoulder and
TURKEY Smoked and seasoned breast
CHICKEN Hand pulled thighs
Sandwich Buns
Bullwhacker BBQ sauce
Sweet Barbecue Beans
Potato Salad
Fresh Coleslaw

Additional items available:
Assorted Beverages and Bottled Water $1.25 per person
Homemade Fudge Brownies $2.00 per person

Meal prices include heavy-duty paper compartment plates, forks, spoons and napkins.

Full service catering and custom menus are available, call for information. 206 622 8717